It's like having your own Personal Safety "Spotter"
available and in your vehicle at all times!!
(alerting and advising you of SAFE proximity or manuvering choices)
The Safety Sentinel System was inspired by the challenge of identifying a vehicle in
an adjacent lane in a racing environment and relaying traffic conditions to the driver.
The statistics of  accidents resulting in following too close while in traffic or visually
obstructed when changing lanes supports the need of a cost effective device that
can alert an inattentive or distracted driver.

Other systems utilizing radar based technology have been introduced; however,
none have the accuracy as required to rely on as a CRITICAL SAFETY DEVICE. With
the availability of low cost laser sensors,microprocessor modules, and utilizing
Safety Sentinel's predefined protocols to: project a laser signal on the rear of a
vehicle or adjacent lane, activate digital voice commands, and facilitate accident
analysis by recording all measurements and commands, the concept of the Safety
Sentinel System has evolved into 2 functional products:


Development Background

The Safety Sentinel system and associated products were developed by
ProximusLtd, a company committed to provide proximity solutions utilizing laser
technology. ProximusLtd was founded by a PHD experienced in solving complex
scientific and commercial problems with laser technology and a computer
technologist with experience in business process re-engineering, application
development, and marketing.  

The Safety Sentinel System was designed to be retro-fitted to existing vehicles
or offered as OEM for the new model year. The command module  for the
System incorporates an open standard interface port that can utilize its process
logic for extended safety functionality or for integration with other control
systems in the vehicle.
Safety by the Numbers-The Market for Safety Sentinel - NHTSA 2004 Update  

According to the 2001 Department of Transportation  statistics there were:

*  137, 633,467 Passenger Vehicles Registered in the US

*  84, 187,636 Other 2 Axle 4 Tire Vehicles Registered in the US

*  5,703,500 Truck, single-unit 2 Axle 6 tire or more Registered in the US

(* Source - Department of Transportation: Table 1-11: Number of US Aircraft,
Vehicles, Vessels, and Other Conveyances)

Safety Sentinel
Inspired By Indy Car  Racing!!!
Safety Sentinel is an innovative SAFETY solution using Digital Voice Files and
Laser Technology to alert an operator of hazardous proximity or existence of
vehicles in adjacent lanes.  The System provides
Digital VOICE Commands, a
Safety Gauge to the often inattentive or visually obstructed driver.